Monday, June 20, 2011

I was just a victim of a glitch...

Sup bloggers (don't say the sky). Anyways I was just in my house just finished making two more diamonds (now nine away from master artisan) and I wanted to browse the crown shop. So I opened the shop when I saw that I had 1,774 crowns. Now I knew I had more, so I closed the shop and pressed 'C' to look at my character stats and saw THIS!!!
Now I'm no energy genius, but I doubt it takes THAT much time for energy to be refilled. So I closed the window and logged back in again, and the energy thing was better, but the crown thing wasn't. So I'll just restart my laptop and if it isn't fixed I'll report it as a bug. So if this happened or is happening to you just know, you are NOT alone.


OK, honest mistake. See, before I report to Kinsisle, I wanted to make sure it was a glitch. So I opened calculator and as I was about to add the price of the Mega Snack Pack, I saw the price was 2,500 crowns. So THAT was why my crowns was a bit low :). What? You can't blame me. It IS kind of unfair to charge 2,500 crowns for a mega snack pack. At most it should be 1,000 crowns. That would still give the people at Kingsisle a decent income. OK, so got to go be mad at the Mega Snack Pack cost, SEE YA! :P

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  1. Don't worry about the Energy-time glitch, its harmless, time is still the same.. just weird. lol, I'd personally spend my Crowns on Energy Elixirs or Dragon Hoard Packs :P


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