Friday, November 2, 2012

Epic Samoorai

Hey everyone! Today I ranked up my bull ronin to a bull sammorai! I just wanted to show an epic picture of the samoorai critical hit
The hat just adds to how awesome this pic looks. The very first companion you get ranks up at level 13. Also I have graduated from Skull Island and moved to the world of Monquista. Other than that nothing much going on. Hope you guys like the new look of the blog, and if anyone wants to suggest anything feel free to comment! :)


  1. Sup, Ray
    So you're a Buccaneer as well?
    Want to meet up on Pirate sometime?


  2. That would be great! Email me the time and place. :)

  3. Monday, Buccaneer's den, mordekai realm, 9:00pm EST?


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