Friday, October 1, 2010


OMG bloggers I got a VERY important announcement. So you know that the Friendly Necromancer makes trading cards of bloggers. Well I found out how he does it. Let me explain how I found out. Ok so in social studies we're doing a project on a famous place (I got Easter Island). When we got to the computer lab the teacher said we were making trading cards of our famous place. When I saw how mine turned out I realized that it was the same site the Friendly Necromancer uses to make the bloggers trading cards! What is it you may ask? Well................I'm not gonna tell ya. Find out yourself XD! JK, it is See ya!


  1. Lolz... I know the website ;P

    ~The LotusPetal

  2. Not even tell your readers what site,or wherever you made them from? Makes me want not to read your blog anymore, sorry if I sound mean or anything, but why even mention it if all your going to do is brag about it?

  3. fine i'll tell the site it is


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