Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Hello be-loggers! I am dedicating this post to all those Wizzy101 daddies out there. First off I would like to say:

Like it? I hope dads like sparkles :P. Anyways to wrap up this Father's day post, I shall share a Father's Day Acrostic Poem I made on the spot. here it is:

Fixes many things around the house

Awesome to be around

Tremendously cheep XD

Happy camper

Earns money for his family

Really corny at times

"Silly fathers are at times"~Yoda

Dads, Papas, fathers, daddies, and more...

Active 24/7

Yes, dads are the big, cuddly teddy bears in our lives

Happy Father's Day!

~Rachel Windtalon


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