Wednesday, September 25, 2013

P101, Details you'd never notice #1: Missing finger?

   Hello everyone! Over the course of me playing through P101 on Rachel Hawkins, there are some details I've noticed that I find interesting. So I've decided to share some I've found with you guys in a new post series I called Details You'd Never Noticed, or DYNN. There won't be a set pattern in when I post these, just when I find a detail that I find interesting that no one else would even notice, or pay attention to.
   Anyway, the first DYNN has to do with good ol' Captain Gunn. Now do you remember when you visit Captain Gunn's tomb when trying to find his treasure? Well I noticed something while I was there that got my attention. Before I tell you what I noticed, it would make sense that I make sure you know a little bit about Captain Gunn in a nutshell so you will hopefully get it.
  Captain Gunn was a really famous pirate. He smuggled a whole bunch of stuff across the skyways including Yum fruit from Mooshu. He eventually grew rich making Yum products, including Yum. He became ich, which is how he got his treasure. That's Captain Gunn in a nutshell.
   OK, you're probably wondering what this whole post is about. Well unless I am mistaken, both Rachel Hawkins and Captain Gunn are (or in Gunn's case were) humans. Now humans have 5 fingers. Rachel had 5 fingers, but Captain Gunn? He only has four!

Now It's pretty clear from the above picture, that Captain Gunn died of decapitation. So that raises the question: Where is his fifth finger? (this is that same on his other hand) Leave a comment on this post about what you think happened. It can be logical, or insane it doesn't matter. Anyway, just something to chew on. See you all in the Spiral!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Page in the Photo Albums!

   That's right all you wizard & pirates, I made a new page in the Photo Albums! It is "Treasure Island References"! I've noticed through out Pirate101 there are multiple references to Treasure Island, if not similarities. Because of this I have decided to make a page with all the references so far in my P101 adventure. If you want to check it out, it's under Photo Albums>Pirate101 Photo Albums>Treasure Island References.
   I will tell you right now, I have worked extremely hard not to put any spoilers to the book in there, so if you haven't read the book or are planning to, then you can still check it out. As I progress through P101 I will add on to it and when I do I will let you guys know through a new post and/or Twitter.
   I hope you will take the time to check out the new photo album and leave some feedback on it. See you all in the Spiral!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Template Finally Complete!

You've read the title right, the new template is finally finished! After days of countless html coding and multiple headaches, it is finally done. Eventually I will add on, but that is for another day. So since the template is finally done, I can focus on providing good content for all of you, so look forward to that. Until, then see you all in the Spiral!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Messing with Templates

Hello everyone, I have an important announcement. In an effort to make the Helpful Saga a bit more appealing, I decided to change the template. I have uploaded a template and I am currently messing around with it. So if this blog looks weird and not w101 or p101 related, that is why. Bear with me though for I will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding! :)

I haven't walked the plank quite yet!

Hi everyone! It's me, the off again, back again blogger. I feel very guilty for not posting so long. I've been busy with camp during the summer, then school started and then both my p101 membership and my w101 membership expired. I am announcing that I am making a more permanent return to the kingsisle blogging world. :D I've been thinking over my absence, and I decided that I had so many great memories since I started this blog back in May 2007 (yeah, 6 years!), and I want to have more good memories. So the Helpful Saga is back up and running, and you can expect more posts! :D