Friday, June 17, 2011


Why the many A's and !'s? Because I just checked my blog and I've just reached 30 followers!! *claps and cheers*. Plus school is almost over. If you are saying or thinking to yourself "Why is she still in school?" it is because we had six snow days. So, I am doing good. Did you know in bullfights at the end the matador (bull fighter) sticks a sword into the bull? It's just not right. That is the thought I will leave all of you. SEE YA :P!!!


  1. YAY!!! Gratz on the followers XD I agree with ya, killing the bull is messed up...

  2. I know! And my teacher said that the native people consider it an ART! I mean I get it's part of their history and stuff, but killing bulls for entertainment is not an ART, it it animal cruelty and that is why I think it is illegal in America. I think in Spain they have a holiday called "Running Bull" or something like that where they release a bull onto the streets and people get chased by it. People DIE, how is it a HOLIDAY???


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