Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey everyone!

HI! I am BACK! Again... I am just sick of it. Being away the back and so on. OK well anyways, here is a bit of real life news AND Wizard101 news. Real life news is that Monday I got braces. I got used to them, but i want to eat cookies without breaking them into little pieces. The Wizard101 news is that I completed Wysteria (a little late I know) and soon I'll have a "Wysteria Photo Album" and maybe some others from the other worlds. Soo, yea. For me the first day of school is THIS Monday and I am SUPER PUMPED!!!! Other than that nothing much is happening. If Friendly reads this he might be interested in this since he also plays DDO (Dungeons & Dragons). I created a DDO account. My character's name is Rycheal in case anyone who also plays the game wants to add me. She is a half-orc paladin currently level 5 super close to level 6. Well I will see you guys in the Spiral or elsewhere. CHEEEESSE!!!

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  1. Glad you're back, Helpful friend!
    Did you get my email?


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