Saturday, February 5, 2011


EMERGENCY!!! First of all I am back (hopefully forever). NOW TO THE EMERGENCY!!! After reading that Alia has over 100 followers (congrats by the way XD)I went to other blogs to see how many followers they have and I realized that EVERYONE has WAY more followers than me! I think it is because I wasn't on often. even though, I NEED you to comment on how I get get more followers. PLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZ?????????????????????


  1. well, make your blog on something unique. Everybody else kind of just does general news so that wouldn't work. But make it on something different, housing, farming, pvp tips etc.

  2. Well I don't really think blogging is about the fame. I rarely ever get new followers. But if it's that important to you, try to get on some more blog lists. When people are bored, they sometimes go through other people's blog lists. Maybe that will get you more followers.

  3. Um, follow other blogs, put peoples blogs on your blog roll (by the looks of it, your BR is kind of small and limited), if you haven't already. Most people (myself included) return the favor, there for giving you more views, and potential followers. Post more often, not necessarily tips, but just interesting reads. Ask questions, and opinions. And first above all else, cherish the followers you do have, and in due time you'll have more followers.

    Oh, and tweet more? Stormy Skies got most of it's followers after starting to tweet with other fellow #Twizards.


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