Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enough is Enough

Hey bloggers. So I have been reading some blogs, and basically it said how people quit cause of Celestia or the level cap, or they hate it. So I thought enough is enough. I decided to email Kingsisle about this issue and they have responded like this:

"Thank you for the feedback. We'll take it under advisement."

I wonder what that means... or what they'll do. DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but thats an automated response that they send to everyone who gives them feedback.

  2. I think more people are leaving because of more blog/tweeters = more arguments, etc. And people are blaming it on Celestia mostly, as games HAVE to update at least once in a while so customers don't get bored. I don't really see what would send so many people away because of Celestia, honestly

  3. Nah you're not bursting my "bubble" Connor. I think that they didn'y even put any feeling into it at all. I think the emails are done by robot. I bet that they won't put it under advisement at all! But that is only my opinion.


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