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Hi everyone! If you're on this page, that means you actually want to get to know more about me :). This page is strictly about in-game characters only!

Rachel Windtalon
My very first character I made. The one who started it all. Rachel is known as "The Helpful Sorcerer" and has a pet piggle named Whiskers who is her right hand piggle. She is a sorcerer in Wizard101 and is currently my highest level character.

Rachel Hawkins
The Pirate101 version of Rachel Windtalon. Her name was derived from the character Jim Hawkins from the book Treasure Island. She is a Musketeer with her first mate, Wing Chun. According to the back story, her parents  were shipwrecked while looking for treasure, so she was raised in Marleybone, where she obtained her sharpshooting skills

The "right hand piggle" of Rachel Windtalon. Whiskers was her very first pet and has been her bestest buddy ever since. He has a daughter named Lola and currently has a segment of the Helpful Sorcerer called "Ask Whiskers" where you ask and he answers. While he doesn't have much pet talents, Rachel accepts him for the flying cuddle-ness that he is.

Daughter of Whiskers. She currently helps her father with "Ask Whiskers". Lola doesn't know much about her mother other than she is not quite a piggle. Actually her mother is a Jade Oni, but lets just keep that a secret. ;)

Wing Chun
Originally from the distant land of Mooshu, he and Rachel Hawkins met on an armada ship when she freed him from the ship's prison. Ever since then, Wing Chun has been Rachel Hawkin's first mate and best buddy. Though he may seem bossy and tends to tell Rachel what to do, she is his best buddy too, and will always have her back.


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