Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ye Update for thy Pleasure

Not sure I said that right. I was going for a medieval tone. So as the title suggests I am giving yet another update. There are no regular patterns in which these come up, only when I feel like it. Anyway, I changed the look of my robe to the balance patterned daredevil's jacket and stitched it to the new balance robe in the crown shop. I got the crown gear cause I like the health stats and I am working on improving my power pip stats. Now I stitched the two robes together because mainly I already have a balance elegant robe from Youkai that is actually color customisable. I also got some exciting news. If you look at the Friendly Necromancer's fire elf post you'll see a picture sent by me :D! Well I did do the minotaur one too, bu I had more luck with this one.

I sent in the pictures because for one thing I like taking pictures and editing them to make them look good, sort of a hobby of mine. So this is sort of like, fun :). Also I just enjoy seeing a blogger icon like Friendly revealing the picture for all to see. If you are reading this Friendly, THANK YOU! Anyway, I have one for thing I want to add. OK, so I have music and we are learning about jazz/blues musicians and I got a guy named Cab Callaway. Apparently he wrote "Minnie the Moocher" and was on Sesame Street. Also if you heard of a guy named Dizzy Gillespie, he stabbed Callaway in the leg because he was wrongly accused of throwing spit balls at him. So anyway AGAIN, now I'm in a jazz sort of mood, so I'll send you all off with a little bit of Cab Callaway and "Minnie the Moocher". P. S. go to 2:33 for a creepy face he makes.


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