Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today is the day of the party. I got a laptop actually Friday, so I got it early. I'm still trying to load all of the things in Wizard101, but I can actually go on Wizard101. I think I can get dad online. Oh by the way check out the new slide. So comment anything about the party or about the new slide. See ya!


  1. Yay about the new computer!!!

    the slideshow is awesome too yuo did a good job :)

    My question is i started a balance wizard and i am wondering t\where you get the mooshu gear to stitch into your grand gear? Thanks!

    )The Death Dominator

  2. Thnx! Anyways the answer to your question. The robe I got from Oyotomi, by the way popular boss to get cool gear from. You can even get a sword from Oyotomi. The hat is from Youkai. He is a hidden boss in the Tree of Life. When you open your map you will see a bridge over some water in the bottom-left part of the map. In that building is Youkai. Finally the boots are the easiest. I just got them at the bazaar. They are actually Krokotopian boots that I stiched with some crown boots with powerplay. Here is the kicker: I'm not even a grandmaster! But I'm REALLY close.


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