Saturday, August 27, 2011


OK THIS IS HUGE NEWS!!!! Bigger than more followers. Bigger than a big accomplishment. Bigger than a major party. BIGGER THAN REAL LIFE!!! Wanna know the news? I'll tell you the big news. I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED MAKING THE HELPFUL SORCERER TOOLBAR!!!!! YAY!!! I have been through countless thinking and countless trial and error and now it is finally ready to be released! If you happen to want to download the toolbar I have worked hard on, click on the following link: Now if for some reason you are experiencing technical difficultys with the toolbar, comment on this post. I set it to automatically publish comments. Other bloggers are allowed to help if I am not available for any reason. Here is what the toolbar should look like:
Sorry if it seems tiny. To be honest it's on extra large, but if you download it the toolbar should be regular toolbar size. Also feel free to comment any improvements to the toolbar and I will see if I can make it happen. See you all in the Spiral!

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  1. So, I kinda have been long-term new to blogger, but just recently I've been "creepin" on everybody's blogs, so I was checkin' your blog out and I am now your 32nd FOLLOWER. (: you have some totally awesome stuff on your blog annnnd, I don't have much more to say, but I look forward to more of your posts. (:
    ~EmmaEmmaD (really, I'm not a creeper)


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