Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Any Suggestions?

Greetings everyone! I'm just asking if any of you guys and gals have any suggestions on how I can improve The Helpful Saga. I want to have opinions from the public, so feel free to comment on any post, any time.

On Pirate101, I've been training my swashbuckler. Her name is Rachel Freeman and is currently level 10. I want to train her enough so she can be my main character. It'll be hard since my strongest character is my level 22 buccaneer. 12 more levels to go! :P

So just leave any suggestions you have on how I can improve or how I can be more active in the W101/P101 community in the comments of any post, any time. See you all soon! :D 

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  1. A good idea is to come up with something totally or relatively unique for your blog! I like to liven things up with creative post topics, content variation, and funny tidbits every now and then. Welcome back!



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