Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a sign

I feel that now is a great time to give an update. Ok so I needed to print out my science project due Tuesday, so I printed it and it did not fit on the paper, so I got help from tech expert dad and he fixed it and refused to get a decent computer. Our computer is as old as me and because it's so slow everyone got their own laptops. Anyway we were all set until my mom came in and told me it should be bigger. But i asked my science teacher and he said it should at least be the size of computer paper which it is. Anyway now mom is trying to "fix it" and if she doesn't we're going with my original. On to Wizard101 related news. I disappointingly found out that Jade Oni doesn't learn spritely without hatching, but it can learn hex which is he might cast hex, so that makes up for the lack of spritely. Also I completed my grandmaster crafting quest and I am now trying to craft a Staff of Stasis and I only need sunstone and aether. If anyone want to give me tips on where to find these, feel free to comment. See you all in the Spiral!


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