Monday, January 23, 2012


There's no particular reason I'm posting, it's just that I want to keep updating my blog. Nothing much to do in Wizard101, so I thought I'd do what other bloggers are doing and give an update about my life. I had a doctor appointment today. it was a good one. I'm in good health other than more fruits&veggie, little more calcium, but other than that I'm good. Plus I didn't have to have a shot. Kind of scared of them. Now you might be saying/thinking "It isn't that bad!" or "It only hurts for a second" etc.. I know that, but it's sharp and pointy and I'd like to veer away from anything sharp and/or pointy. Common sense, right? Anyway other than that nothing much is going on. OH YEAH! I didn't have school today due to a teacher meeting. Yep. OK NOW that's it. Lets see, I need 4 more golden pearls to craft "Seal of the Seven Seas", got a new book for my Kindle, got my Kindle password protected because my mom goes on it without my permission. So if that's all that is happening in my life i guess I need to get out more. When I receive the news about SOPA and PIPA I will post on this blog since I am strongly against it plus Social Studies got me sort of interested in politics. HELP ME!!!


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