Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am overjoyous! :)

Yesterday was a good day. First of all I got a Jade Oni by finally buying it and I still have a good amount of crowns left. Also if you don't know i have a pet piggle Whiskers whom is at ancient and doesn't know spritely. Any who in pursuit to have a jade oni by hatching, I hatched with a friend who had a jade oni and even though it turned into a piggle I am happy to announce that Whiskers is now a daddy! :D

Whiskers (right) is now the father of Lola (left)
On a different, but still happy note I finally got a jade oni. He's already at teen and I named him Roscoe. To honor this I have made Jade Oni the Creature of the week! See you all in the Spiral!

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  1. Great post, I like the part when Whiskers became a parent. :)


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