Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a day

Hello bloggers! I am trying to be more active as a blogger so that is one reason I am posting. This is one of those "Multiple Purpose Posts", or MPP (I like doing that.). So I am having a day that isn't good, nor bad, just one that stands out. These are the reasons in bullets for more convenincy:

  1. I had Ext. Day today and relized it is less that an hour shorter than school, there is no work, no homework, and optional. It's everything school should be!
  2. Dad is mad because his chair broke and is trying to fix it in front of me as I am posting.
  3. My grandma has amonia

So that is my day in numbers. Not I would like to take this time to remember the recently lost fairy that was flying around my snapdragon. It got to elder and apparently didn't go on to my other plants. x moment of silence x. OK final purpose of post, quick opinion question. Should I move my operations (any laptop and DS, etc.) to my bedroom? I get peace and quiet if I move, but I don't have a TV in my room. HELP ME!!!! Wish luck to dad which now hates his chair's gut (in a chair's case STUFFING!)


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