Monday, September 17, 2012

New member of the family! :D

Greetings everyone! I am overjoyed, scratch that, overjoyed doesn't begin to cover how I feel right now, to introduce....da da da DAAAAAA!!!! The newest member of the Windtalon family! :D I just finished my level 78 quest, well actually I finished the quest then took a shower, but that's not important! Anyway, I finished my level 78 quest which gave!!!

Her name is Haley. :) For the level 78 balance quest you have to beat 3, yes, 3 bosses! I sort of forgot their names, but you need to defeat a boss in Dragonspyre Academy for scales, a boss in Zafaria in the Savannah for hair, and a boss in Mooshu for a horn. Afterwards, you bring them to Professor Perreau, and he gives you something, then return to Alhazred to get the chimera pet which surprisingly hatched in 5 minutes. The chimera pet gives the spell Rampaging Chimera.

 As you can see, Rampaging Chimera does 50 more damage per head than regular Chimera. Other than that it really isn't different. Well I'm going to spend some time with Haley. See you.....somewhere! xD


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