Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Helpful Sorcerer News

   BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE!!! Finally the Helpful Sorcerer has +1 follower!!! For ages we have been stuck at 32 followers, but now we have 33 followers!!!! If you've been in a rut as long as I have, you get pumped when you get +1 follower.  Anyway, thank you tatianashadowflame for freeing the Helpful Sorcerer from a very long rut!

   That is not the only reason I have posted. Now that Forbes has announced the release date for Prate101, I've been thinking about when it does come out. I've been thinking that if I like the game I may make a separate blog for Pirate101, do walkthroughs, and a whole bunches of stuff. I couldn't really decide, so I am making a poll which will be on the right hand side at the very tippity-top. Be sure to put in what you want. You can also comment, or you can tweet me at @HelpfulSorcerer. See ya around!


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