Saturday, December 4, 2010

i did it again

Once again i did it. I have not posted, or done ANYTHING to my blog in a long time. Why do I do it? I just get distracted by other stuff. Wait....I GOT IT! I will maintain my blog on certain days! Lets see, I'll post every Saturday, which is today. Speaking of today is my little cousin's 6th birthday!Anyways back to new scheduling. So, Saturdays are posting days. Saturdays can also when I put a new wizard or creature up. Every morning except for most weekdays cause I got school I'll check my email for comments, and for most weekdays when I get home from school which is a little bit before 2pm. So I hope the new scheduling will help. If you do not want to read all of it I'll put the important stuff in bold. See ya! XD

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  1. A tip for making it look like you're blogging every day, or at least more often. Write up short posts, pics included for each if you wish, and then post date the publishing time. It will then schedule the post, and it will look like you are posting, when really, you're not even at the computer. :)

    Happy Bday to your cousin!


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