Sunday, December 5, 2010

Special Announcment

Hello bloggers, this is a Helpful Sorcerer Announcement. Remember last year I posted and "Elf Yourself" video? Well even if you don't I got an announcement. I am now holding a contest. There will be four grand prize winners. The four grand prize winners will have the honor of being in the next "elf Yourself" video with me. All the others who have entered will receive some RARE treasure cards. OK so lets me tell you how you can win. Listen, or read, VERY CAREFULLY!!!! On December 18Th I will hold the VERY FIRST HELPFUL SORCERER GAMES!!!

This is how this will work, there will be four events. The winner of each event will be someone in my "Elf Yourself" video. If you want to come, but not compete that is perfectly fine. The realm will be Greyrose Area 1. The place is my house. The time is 3:00 pm Eastern Time.If you're on my friends list just port. If you're not on my friends list a teleport bus will be near Niles the balance tree in Krokotopia (in spirit of balance)between 2:50 and 2:55pm EST. Now if for some reason you are too busy to show me or someone else will record it and post it on the blog. Now ready, set, *BAM*!!!


  1. darn it! that is the day i am leaving for florida, ah well good luck to all the competitors who can make it!

  2. Don't worry, as I said I'll record the whole thing and post it so you can see it. Maybe there will be another Helpful Sorcerer Games next year, or sooner. TO THE THINKING LAB!


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