Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Did I spell canoli right? It's supposed to be an italian dish or something and no certain results come up on the spell checker and I sounded it out. ANYWAYS!!! Ok, so first of all as you all know by my previous post I have beaten Wintertusk, and I got a lot of pet snacks there. So I calculated how much they all would sell for at the bazaar together based on the cost of a single certain snack, s, and the total number of that snack I got, n. This is a mathimatic formula so stay with me. I made the formula nxs+nxs and so on. And I got a total of, get ready for this......... 167,673,070 gold!!!! My formula could be wrong, I do doubt myself, so if my formula is wrong, off, etc. please tell me and/or give me a different formula. Either way, it IS a LOT. Well, my mom is telling my brother to get a job so that is my que to how you pics of the calculator with the result and my garden, and to say SEE YA!


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