Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wizard101 Updates

Sup bloggers! I am just posting 'bout some awesome updates. First of all, HAVE YA SEEN DA NEW LOADING PAGE??? Even THAT looks cool! (Reminds me of power play that pip thing does.). Wizzy101knows how to make balance wizards feel speciall in a way :). Also here are some gardening pic I took.

Sorry the pic are crooked, hard to move. If you look closely at the pic on the right you can see that the little fairy is back! YAY! Anyways, this isn't an update, I just got SUPA EXCITED! When I was harvesting my elder pink dandelions, I GOT A GOLDEN PIZZA!!! YAYZ!!! I am preeettty positive it's rare.

Anyways I decided to check out the new Celestia house, and it's for mater artisan which the quest I am working on. Plus the price made me say HOLY <*censored*>!!!!

I'm just a SMIDGEN low on gold (what can I say, I'm a spender, but the ironic thing is that in real life, I HATE shopping). Since i was a smudge low on gold I sold stuff including my golden pizzas, that's right PIZZAS!!! I look at all the golden food, and the pizza sold for the most! They cost 2025 gold in the bazaar. So, that is my post. I have to say this is a post I am proud of. :):):):). Bloggers UNITE!!!


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